Earth Mother Connection and celebration – Earth Medicine workshop
“The Earth Has music for those who listen”

WHEN: Grounding and connecting to Mother Earth on Mothering Sunday.
30th March Saturday 1.30- 4 pm
Cost: £25

Through the potent combination of Kundalini Yoga and Shamanic Sound Healing, this workshop will bring us into alignment with Mother Earth.

Taking valuable time to pause and ground our energy. The deeper our roots – the higher our vibration. Through this nurturing workshop you will create a secure foundation in the body, increase your ability to move into the heart space and feel more connected to your path on this planet.

The more we experience our oneness with the primal Earth energies, the more we are nourished and healed by Mother Earth.

WHO: Shamanic Sound Healer Petra channels sound to aluminate your own personal truth, clearing energetic blockages for your profound self-healing. Trained as a Shamanic Practitioner and Sound Healer from Brooke Medicine Eagle, The College of Sound Healing, Raj Academy and employs sound to connect us with the Divine within and without.

WHO: T is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Lightworker. Kundalini Yoga is ideal for all and is a proven way to relieve stress, strengthen your body, and calm your mind – you will look, feel and perform better.
Spiritually and physically rewarding, this practice is a combination of dynamic breath (pranayama), exercises, mantra and meditation. You will experience a profound sense of well-being, creativity and personal transformation as a result.
This practice will unite your body, mind and soul, taking you to a place of peace- ready for whatever life throws at you.
T’s aim is to align with you with your creative destiny and fulfil your greatest potential!