Kundalini Yoga, Mediation and Sound Healing Immersion.

Embracing our Womanhood is a sacred journey to the heart of the Soul. As we awaken to our essence and gifts as a woman, we can be happy and creative and excel in all our life’s endeavours.

Every woman who develops love and respect for herself as a Woman helps to change the global system at its core.

T & Siobhan offer you the opportunity to gather in Sisterhood to rediscover our Divine Feminine beauty and fall back in love with ourselves.

T is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Light-Worker.

Kundalini Yoga is ideal for all and a proven way to relieve stress, strengthen your body, and calm your mind – you will look, feel and perform better.

Spiritually and physically rewarding, this practice is a combination of dynamic breath (Pranayama), exercises, mantra and mediation. You will experience and profound sense of well-being, creativity and personal transformation as a result.

This practice will unite your body, mind and soul, taking you to a place of peace- ready for whatever life throws at you.

T’s aim is to align you with your creative destiny and fulfil your greatest potential!

Siobhan is a practicing Sound Therapist qualifying from The Academy of Sound Healing. She uses Gongs, Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Harp, Voice, Turning Forks and Shamanic drumming for healing purposes.

Vibrations affect us on all levels of our being: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The sounds from these instruments can facilitate purifying and detoxifying on these levels, bringing balance and harmony within. Siobhan uses sound in attunement to facilitate the connection between Spirit and form with the individual group. Sound Healing prioritises the process of interpersonal attunement to enhance emotional connection and healing. It is fascinating to see how setting an intention then creating a pathway that can be more explicitly explained through the relationship with Sound.