Mantra & Mala

Explanation of Mantra and malas

At Ananda Kanda we believe in the power of sound and the healing transformational use of mantra.

Mantra has been used in India and the Far East for many centuries. It has the power to alter a person on a cellular level, whether one needs to make a change, to calm down or to heal themselves there is a relevant mantra. As with yoga, mantra needs to be experienced rather than read about so we would
encourage you to try and see the results for yourself.

Please click on the links below and chant along.

The experience of chanting mantras is greatly enhanced by the use of a mala.
They are eminently beautiful objects but more importantly a useful tool to keep you focused on the number of chants you have completed.

In vedic knowledge it is believed that the more one chants a mantra the more powerful it becomes. The minimum number of times it is recommended to chant is the sacred number of 108. Malas have 108 beads and an additional ‘Meru’ bead. Having your own mala lets you build the energy from your mantra into your malas’ meru bead. The more effort you put in, the more energy the mala carries with you.

It is recommended that once you own a mala you are the only person who touches it and that you
avoid touching the meru bead altogether.

All of our malas are made in a sattvic spiritually pure environment and come fully charged with a
relevant mantra. We use semi precious beads, antique and contemporary pendants from Asia.
Bespoke commissions upon request :

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